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More than 30 people entered their business ideas to the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce Perfect Pitch Contest to present their idea to a panel of judges, but only one person will win the grand prize of $5,000, a scholarship to BizBuilderSC entrepreneurial training classes and a dream team of mentors.

The top 10 finalists will work with mentoring teams that provide guidance on articulating their idea and proof-of-concept, differentiating their product from their competition, creating strategies for commercialization, explaining funding strategy and value proposition, and sharpening general presentation skills. Finalists will then go in front of a panel of judges and make their pitch on November 13 at the American Theater. Each finalist is given five minutes to present their idea. Judges will choose five finalists to advance into the final round of presentations, where they will face the judges in a grueling question-and-answer session. At the end of the day, the judges will choose the “perfect pitch” and a grand prize winner.

The top ten business ideas include:

David Warren of StringAdvantage Tennis LLC: an elastic insert that is positioned on a tennis racquet at the time of stringing that can lessen the effects of ball impact on tennis elbows, enhance spin and power transfer to the ball, and effect control characteristics of the racquet.

Darren Boulton of Predict It: a website that allows users to “predict” what will happen next pertaining to a certain topic from an article they read on any website. Topics that would be ideal for Predict It would Politics, celebrity news, sports and the economy are only a few examples of.

Rob Whelan of Demando: a time-saving web tool that lets shoppers make an offer to buy a specific product with multiple sellers simultaneously. The seller provides a deadline for when the bid is set to expire.

Ronald Pote creator of ByoSoil Irrigation Treatment System: is trying to solve the salt water intrusion problem in the Lowcountry and other coastal areas. Wells are contaminated with migrating salt water as fresh water aquifers are drawn down. The ByoSoil irrigation treatment system doses a minute amount of humic acid ByoSoil product into the system, which encapsulates the salts in the soil.

Joe Dozier has developed the idea of a 911 ATM PIN: every day people are in jeopardy of being mugged at ATM machines. A 911 PIN for credit/debit cards would alert the police if the cardholder is being forced to withdraw at weapon point or is forced to give the PIN.

James S. Norris The radio-sensitizing drug CL521: will enhance the curative potential of radiation therapy for patients with prostate, head and neck, pancreatic and breast cancers. It also has the potential to reduce the number of treatment cycles, making the process shorter, alleviating patient suffering while improving response, and greatly reducing the costs associated with the treatment itself and with patient care during their illness.

Reggie Fairchild creator of Regatta Recon (TM): a mobile application to provide a digital compass, strategic decision making information and start timer to sailboat racers.

Eric Len Tabor of The Deep Well Bouy Seal: a unit that can be inserted into a broken oil pipeline at significantly deep oceanic depths. Once inserted, the unit is anchored to the pipeline and inflated, sealing off the pipeline. The product has the ability to shut down an oil spill within hours, and it is portable, reusable and cost effective.

Louise Hodges of The Greenbug Injector System: it integrates with an existing irrigation system to create pest-free areas everywhere the water is directed using the safe and natural Greenbug for Outdoors.

Heather Rose Koonse of The Charleston Garment Manufactory: is working to lay the foundation to support the infrastructure needed to efficiently service the fashion design community in Charleston. Offering product development services such as pattern drafting, pattern grading, production, and educational opportunities in the sewing arts, and will help expand Charleston into a center of forward-thinking in fashion and style.

The purpose of the competition is to showcase ideas and uncover the best and brightest business concepts of Charleston entrepreneurs, while providing support and feedback not typically available to entrepreneurs launching or growing a business. Entrepreneurs are a key element to building a vibrant and healthy business community and business-owners are playing a significant role in reshaping our economy. The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce is pleased to offer our assistance and business expertise to such an energetic and enthusiastic group as they continue forward on a successful entrepreneurial journey.

About the Charleston Metro Chamber: With more than 1,879 members, the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce serves as the catalyst for advancing our region’s economy, improving our quality of life and enhancing our members’ success.

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