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Tactical Rules for Sales Leaders – Free Webinar

WRITTEN BY mwaldrop 10 months ago

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Do you have a definitive plan for effective sales leadership?

Only 2% of salespeople have a clearly defined objective for the call while 97% of salespeople in a recent study believed they ran an above average sales call.
If you’re like most sales leaders, you may be:
• Concerned about creating predictable forecasts and expectations of sales performance.
• Worried about your top-heavy sales force with the top 20% generating 80% of the revenue.
• Frustrated that rogue, “lone wolf” salespeople do things their own way, rather than using the same process as the rest of the team.
In this webinar, you will learn how to:
• Coach your people through a pre-call plan and post-call debrief.
• Eliminate miscommunication.
• Empower your people to succeed without you.
• Create a culture of accountability.

Join best-selling author of Prospect the Sandler Way and acclaimed sales and sales management expert, John Rosso, for this eye-opening webinar. Learn the methodologies to take your sales leadership and coaching skills to the next level and become a resource to help your people overachieve what they thought possible.

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