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2016 Talent Demand Study Update

An update to the Talent Demand Study, sponsored by the Charleston Metro Chamber and Charleston Regional Development Alliance, was completed in May, 2016 to provide current data on the workforce pipeline for the region’s fastest growing industries.

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The full Talent Demand Study, originally completed and distributed in 2014, showed local talent shortages in key fields. As a result, the region is overly dependent upon recruiting workers from out-of-state. The update, which is part of the One Region Global Competitiveness Strategy, shows that the region’s job growth continues to accelerate rapidly in the highest demand fields.

“The estimate of 26,000 new jobs is very conservative, as evidenced by the fact that in the last twelve months, 11,000 new jobs were created in our region,” said Mary Graham, Chief Advancement Officer for the Charleston Metro Chamber. “We need to make sure that our high schools are preparing our kids for the job opportunities here.”

Occupation clusters forecasted to grow more than 10 percent are (in order) software and IT; production; mathematics; marketing; engineering; communications; business and medical. The study update shows that the occupations expected to have the largest workforce shortages are general assemblers (838 jobs), accounting support (345) and software developers (278).

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Charleston Region Talent Strategy Update

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The Talent Demand Study and update is produced by Avalanche Consulting.

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