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USS Laffey Association Hosts Memorial Service Marking 74th Anniversary of Japanese Attack

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On Tuesday, April 16 at 10:30 a.m., veterans of the USS Laffey will gather on the fantail of their beloved ship for a ceremony to remember the 32 lives lost during a fierce attack by 22 Japanese kamikaze planes near Okinawa on April 16, 1945. During that attack 74 years ago, seven kamikaze aircraft crashed into the ship, and in addition to the bombs carried by those planes, the Laffey was struck by four additional bombs. Against all odds, the valiant sailors of the USS Laffey heroically fought off the attack and amazingly spared their ship from sinking. After the three-hour attack, 32 sailors were killed, and 71 were injured.

The community is welcome and invited to attend. The event will be included in the normal price of admission. Free admission will be offered to Tin Can Sailor Association and USS Laffey Association members.

The ceremony will be a unique opportunity to meet veterans of the USS Laffey and hear the story of how the Laffey came to be known as “The Ship That Would Not Die.” The event is organized by the USS Laffey Association.

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