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Advocating For Our Thriving Community

We understand that the majority of our members do not have staff lobbyists but value that our region needs smart policies to thrive. This is where we come in! Our Government Relations team continues to drive solutions for your greatest issues by advocating at the local, state and federal levels for you and your business. We take a proactive and collaborative approach to tackling issues that are affecting your business the most and work hard to ensure your voice is heard.

We also work to support the military and their families. Our region is home to Joint Base Charleston and more than 40 separate military commands with more than 13,000 uniformed service members representing all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. Strengthening the relationship between the community and military, working to support the military and their families and expanding the federal footprint in the region continue to be top priorities for our Chamber.

What We Support
Local & Regional Priorities
Regional Advancement

Thriving communities don’t just happen. Rather, they are the result of smart planning, collaboration and dedication to driving solutions.

Our regional policy positions include:

  • Attainable housing
  • Development processes
  • Economic development
  • Transportation and infrastructure
  • Regionalism
Local & Regional Priorities Agenda
State House Priorities

Each year, we take our Legislative Agenda to the State House and collaborate with local and state elected officials to make positive movements forward in our Legislative Priorities.

Our Priorities include issues around:

  • Talent, Education and Workforce
  • Military Retention and Expansion
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • State Fiscal Health
  • Economic Development
  • Infrastructure
Legislative Agenda
Federal Priorities

Our team has worked with our volunteer leaders to create a Federal Agenda, which focuses on federal issues that affect regional businesses.

The Chamber supports:

  • Policies and investments that promote the retention and expansion of military operations and federal facilities in the region.
  • International trade agreements that are fair, accountable, consistent and that reduce barriers to free and open markets.
  • Comprehensive immigration reform that helps businesses attract and retain talented individuals who fuel our globally connected economy.
  • A sustained federal infrastructure investment at a level adequate to complete all identified priority projects.
Federal Agenda
Supporting Our Region's Military

The military community generates one out of every 12 jobs in South Carolina. Along with our service members, more than 4,000 civilian federal employees are also critical to executing the missions at Joint Base Charleston.

We are excited to announce that one of our legislative priorities, the Workforce Enhancement and Military Recognition Act (H.3247,), passed the Senate and was sent to the Governor’s desk for his signature. The bill exempts military retiree pay from the state income tax and has been a Chamber priority for nearly a decade.

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