Chamber PAC Endorses Goose Creek City Council Candidates in Support of Economic Growth and Infrastructure Improvements

The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (Chamber PAC) is pleased to announce its endorsement of Kevin Condon, Hannah Cox and Melissa Enos for election to the Goose Creek City Council.  

To be considered for the endorsement, candidates for open seats completed a written questionnaire and participated in an interview with Chamber PAC members. The process revealed candidates’ perspective on critical issues facing the City of Goose Creek and the metro region including: housing attainability, infrastructure investment, regional planning, Lowcountry Rapid Transit and flooding.

“The Chamber PAC proudly endorses candidates who support a positive business climate and who understand the connection between local decisions and the continued economic prosperity of the larger region,” said David Hand, chairman of the Chamber PAC.

In addition to alignment with the Chamber’s priorities, each candidate was endorsed based on their individual experience and vision.

Kevin Condon is running for a second term on Goose Creek City Council. Prior to his role there, he served as the Goose Creek Recreation Commissioner. Condon believes that increasing employment opportunities within the City will increase economic development. He supports diversifying revenue streams through attracting businesses and services and wants to manage the city’s growth through proper planning and infrastructure support.

Hannah Cox, former Navy Chief, serves as Operations Manager at a local contracting firm. Cox supports balancing residential growth with commercial development to maintain core services and job opportunities, while also supporting incentivizing desirable businesses that bring jobs, shopping and dining to Goose Creek. She recognizes the importance of additional storm water and traffic infrastructure and supports improvements like Lowcountry Rapid Transit.

Melissa Enos is a U.S. Navy veteran and small business owner. She volunteers as the COP STOP coordinator for the Goose Creek Police Department. Enos supports economic growth and development to bring jobs and revenue to the City. She envisions a downtown or town center that will inspire civic pride as well as economic, social and environmental prosperity. Enos is a proponent of public transportation projects like Lowcountry Rapid Transit.

All of the candidates running for City Council are passionate about serving the public. The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee believes these three endorsed candidates will consistently make decisions that promote enhanced mobility, livability and a strong business climate.

Erin Aylor, Senior Vice President of Marketing

The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (Chamber PAC) is an autonomous organization governed by an independent  board of directors. Its mission is to evaluate and support candidates for local and state elected office who are aligned with the business community’s top priorities: mobility, livability and a strong business climate.

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Chamber PAC Endorses Charleston County Council Candidates Focused on Attainable Housing, Infrastructure Investment