The Advocates: A Look Into the $550 Billion Infrastructure Bill

Infrastructure has long been a priority of the Charleston Metro Chamber. Our members recognize the direct relationship between quality infrastructure and economic development.

For this reason, the Chamber is in full support of the $550 billion stand alone bi-partisan infrastructure bill that passed the Senate by a 69-30 vote this week.

This is what the bi-partisan infrastructure bill will mean for South Carolina:

  • $5 billion to improve public transit options across the state
  • $4.6 billion for highway improvements
  • $274 million in bridge repairs (and the opportunity to compete for $12.5 billion more under the Bridge Investment Program)
  • $70 million for a network of electric vehicle charging stations  
  • $100 million to expand broadband coverage

All these investments will advance economic development for South Carolina. Senator Lindsey Graham was an essential leader on this bi-partisan effort and we would like to take the opportunity to thank him for his work. We encourage the business community to thank Senator Graham for his leadership.

Bailey Vincett
Government Relations Coordinator

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