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MBA Spotlight: Zelonia Williams – Patches Custom Embroidery Works

Business: Patches Custom Embroidery Works

2024 MBA Cohort Member: Zelonia Williams

Industry: Retail

Location: Savannah, GA

Website: www.patches247.com

Tell us about your business.

Patches Custom Embroidery Works creates exclusive and personalized patches, buttons and emblem pins for branding, motivational, educational and empowerment purposes. Patches focuses on positive talk, female stereotypes, the economy, celebrity culture, body image, self-esteem, health and well-being, as well as emotions and behaviors. In addition, customized patches are a great way to promote a brand or business.

Patches Custom Embroidery Works patches are a cost-effective way to add personal branding or personalization to clothing or accessories.

Businesses can have their logo or company name embroidered onto the patch, which can then be attached to denim/camo jackets, shirts, hoodies, skirts, trucker hats and baseball caps, or on tote bags, backpacks and luggage.

What motivated you to become an entrepreneur?

My decision to become an entrepreneur is driven by a deep passion for my business idea and a strong desire to make a positive impact in the embroidery industry and my community. I have flexibility and control over work-life balance, allowing me to prioritize my personal and professional goals. I am also able to set my own schedule and make decisions independently. Financial potential, creative freedom and innovation are also also strong motivators for me. Lastly, my key motivators are having the opportunity to create a lasting legacy and impact on my industry, community and family.

Is there something you are particularly proud of in your business?

Opening a brick and mortar business in a local mall among other corporate businesses is what I am proud of as a business owner.

What is one thing you want others to know about you and/or your business?

I direct my passion for perfection into everything I do from design to production. I am obsessed with details and believe that details are what set my business apart from other embroidery businesses. I am a community-driven individual that spends a vast amount of my time giving back to my community. I sincerely believe that every entrepreneur should make it their business to invest back into their community.

What made you want to participate in the Lowcountry Minority Business Accelerator?

I knew that participating in the Lowcountry Minority Business Accelerator program would provide me access to a variety of resources, including mentorship, coaching, training, and networking opportunities. These resources will help me to develop my business skills, expand my network and access valuable support and guidance.

I also believe the program will offer support in various aspects of business development, such as strategic planning, marketing, financial management and access to capital. This support can help me strengthen my business operations and grow my company. The program can connect me with other minority entrepreneurs, industry experts, potential investors and business leaders. These relations can assist me with building additional relationships, collaborate on projects and gain exposure for my business.

What advice would you give to other minority business owners?

As a minority business owner, there are several pieces of advice that I would give other minority business owners to help them navigate the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship. First, I would tell them to build a strong network. Networking is crucial for business success. Being able to connect with other minority business owners, industry professionals and potential customers to expand their network and gain valuable insights is vital to sustain their business.

Secondly, find a mentor who can provide guidance, support and valuable advice based on their own experiences in business. This mentor can help the business owner navigate challenges and make informed decisions.

Third, take advantage of resources, there are many resources available to support minority-owned businesses, including government programs, grants and business development centers. These resources allows access to funding, training and support.

Fourth, embrace diversity and inclusion in your business practices, workforce and customer interactions. Most importantly, celebrate the unique perspectives and talents that diversity brings to the business. Stay persistent, resilient and informed about industry trends, market changes and emerging technologies. Be willing to adapt your business strategies to meet evolving demands and stay competitive.

Posted on
March 26th 2024
Written by
Daphne Johnson