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COVID – 19 Omicron Update

With the recent surge in cases due to the Omicron variant, Dr. Danielle Sheurer, Chief Quality Officer at MUSC Health Systems, provided an update and outlined strategies for business leaders to consider as we return to work following the holidays.

Here are a few Key Takeaways:

  • Omicron is behaving differently than previous strains and more infectious thus spreading through the population at a quicker rate but providing more opportunities to learn from the variant.
    1. Volume of cases will be high and effect on workforce significantly
    2. Vaccinations are extremely effective in reducing sever illness
    3. New outpatient therapies emerging but currently limited supply
  • Low hospitalization risk for Omicron
    1. Tends to stay in the upper respiratory tract vs. lower like seen in Delta.
    2. 60% reduction in hospitalization risk
  • 53% per 100,000 are fully vaccinated in SC, 1 out of 2 people are unvaccinated in SC
  • Outpatient treatments available: vaccinations, oral antivirals, intravenous antivirals, monoclonal antibodies, fluvoxamine
  • NIH recommendations for treatments (in order of preference)
    1. Paxlovid (limited supply)
    2. Sotrovimab (limited supply and infusion center)
    3. Remdesivir (limited reimbursement and infusion center)
    4. Molnupirvir (limited supply and effectiveness)

Click here to view the presentation from Dr. Scheurer and full webinar below for more information and be sure to check out our COVID-19 Business Resources!

Posted on
January 7th 2022
Written by
Charleston Metro Chamber