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Charleston County Partners with Businesses to Staff the Polls

In order to staff the polls, Charleston County partners with businesses to provide poll workers. Businesses that provide employees to work can have signage placed outside of the polling location promoting their business (as long as the message is not political). Their employees can wear their company logo, etc…

Employees wishing to become workers can either be paid by their company or by Charleston County. They would need to go through our training class prior to working the polls.

If businesses are just informing their employees that this is an option to work without the company sponsoring a precinct, then the employee can visit the following link to apply:


Poll worker compensation is as follows:

Poll Clerk – $225
Poll Manager – $165

Any businesses interested in participating can contact:

Joseph Debney, Director

Joshua Dickard, Deputy Director

Posted on
September 11th 2020
Written by
Charleston Metro Chamber