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The Advocates: Mount Pleasant’s Economic Development Strategy

Last week, Mount Pleasant Town Staff presented the town’s new Economic Development Strategy to the Chamber.

The population in Mount Pleasant has doubled since 2000 to almost 91,000 residents in 2020. This significant population growth has been met with equally significant increases in both the rent and average sale price of a home. As population and home prices continue to increase, Mount Pleasant looks to improve the jobs-to-housing balance in the town. Currently, 72 percent of those living in Mount Pleasant work elsewhere and 74 percent of those living in Mount Pleasant are employed elsewhere.

To prioritize the existing strengths for economic development in Mount Pleasant and address its weaknesses, the consultants identified four key development zones: Patriots Point, Wando Welch/Long Point Rd., Johnnie Dodds Blvd. infill and Carolina Park. They also identified key needs and growth priorities. 

Key needs: 

  • Attract and retain high quality, high-wage jobs
  • Take advantage of highly educated workforce and reduce commute outflow
  • Diversify local tax base 
  • Increase supply of attainable housing

Key Growth Priorities: 

  • Job types that align with local workforce 
  • Job types where Mount Pleasant has a competitive advantage compared to other job centers in the Charleston region 
  • Industries that have a minimal impact on local infrastructure and traffic

After extensive research and meetings with key stakeholders including the Chamber, the consultants identified six economic development strategy objectives for the Town:

1. Establish Mount Pleasant’s reputation as a regionally competitive and welcoming destination for economic development 
2. Attract and retain businesses with high-wage jobs in target clusters
3. Ensure clarity and predictability in development patterns 
4. Remove barriers to development within target clusters 
5. Expand use of economic development incentives 
6. Prioritize quality of life initiatives to support local workforce and residents 

Mount Pleasant Town Council adopted the final report at their council meeting on March 8 and the Town staff will now move to implement many of the identified strategies. We are very grateful for our partnership with Mount Pleasant and look forward to continuing our work with the Town on future projects.

Bailey Vincett, Government Relations Coordinator
Posted on
March 25th 2022
Written by
Madison Beard