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EnergyWise for Your Business Offers Big Savings

No matter whether your business is large or small, products or services, for profit or not for profit, your success is tied to making every dollar count. Making your facilities energy efficient is a proven way to reduce energy use and save money.

EnergyWise for Your Business is designed to help non-residential electric customers replace aging, inefficient equipment and systems with energy-efficient technologies. Through financial incentives and technical assistance, our program provides the right mix for you.

The program offers a variety of features to help you build energy efficiency into every project, whether you’re constructing a new facility, conducting major renovations, retrofitting inefficient equipment, purchasing new equipment, or replacing end-of-life equipment.

EnergyWise for Your Business offers:

  • Financial incentives to reduce the upfront cost of energy efficiency improvements.
  • Technical assistance to provide you with guidance on energy efficiency opportunities.
  • Flexibility: Customers engage their own contractor or in-house staff; Have incentives paid directly to you or your contractor.

Benefits for Your Business

  • Energy-efficient technologies reduce your energy use and minimize costs.
  • Investments in energy efficiency can offer a fast return, often paying for themselves in less than two years.
  • Energy-efficient equipment can streamline operations, enhancing workplace productivity and improving employee comfort

Posted on
March 30th 2021
Written by
Charleston Metro Chamber