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Indigo Hall Hosting Virtual “Cross Train Your Brain” Event with Dr. Kevin O’Neil

Internationally renowned gerontologist, Dr.Kevin O’Neil, and Chief Medical Officer for Indigo Hall, will present “Cross Train Your Brain.” Learn how to optimize your brain power now!

Dr. O’Neil’s Cross Train Your Brain program explores the idea learned in new research that our brains are not hard-wired, instead they grow and change as we go through life. We have the opportunity to challenge our brains, to make healthy lifestyle choices that affect the functionality and overall health of our brains as well, and can even grow new cells in the brain throughout our lifetime.

Cross Train Your Brain explores all areas of personal wellness affirmations – Physical, Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual and Purposeful.

Family members, health care professionals and the community are welcome to attend. RSVP online!

Posted on
September 16th 2020
Written by
Charleston Metro Chamber