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Charleston’s Newest Author – Bestseller Coming Soon?

In just a few months students will be graduating high school, and millions of them across the country will be attending college this fall. Research shows that only 18% of those millions will graduate with the major they started with, and then use that degree to get a job. The other 82% They will either drop out, change majors, or graduate to find their best job prospects don’t leverage the knowledge they obtained from school in the first place. 

A local author, Dante DiBattista, addresses this challenge by sharing his story. After failing out of college, he returned with a different major and approach, which allowed him to became a 4x Deans List student and award-winning campus leader. College is where Dante discovered the power of servant leadership, a set of principles and beliefs he lives by to this day. He has pledged to donate 30% of the proceeds from his book to 3 charities (10% each) in honor of the 3 lives he lost during his time in college.

The book will launch on April 15th. You can sign-up for email alerts by pre-ordering your copy at the link below. In doing so, you will gain access to the discount code to purchase the digital copy for as little as $1.


Everyone is also invited to the launch party at the DiBattista residence. They will be hosting an oyster roast, free of charge to all guests. RSVP at the link below to reserve one of the last remaining seats! 


Posted on
March 10th 2023
Written by
Justin Allen