The Regional Perspective: Conversations with Business Leaders Featuring Willis Cantey

Featuring Willis Cantey, CEO of Cantey Tech Consulting, CEO of Cantey EDU and Chamber Board Chairman

For this Regional Perspective session, Bryan Derreberry was joined by Willis Cantey, CEO of Cantey Tech Consulting and Cantey EDU, as well as Chamber Board Chairman. Bryan and Willis sat down to discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the IT industry as well as businesses in general.

As for Cantey Tech, the beginning of COVID-19 response in the Charleston region turned out to be the busiest two-week period in the company’s history. Their services were in high demand as companies transitioned their workforces and business models to a virtual format.

Now, many months into the pandemic, Cantey Tech is hearing from employees and clients alike that a virtual format has not only been working for them in the interim, but they want to continue working virtually even after the pandemic has subsided.

Working from home has, among other things:

  • Increased productivity by eliminating travel time
  • Decreased overall traffic in the region
  • Allowed greater flexibility that creates more time for people to spend with families

Willis estimated that Cantey Tech will likely operate at 50% remote and 50% in-office employees after the pandemic. Another added benefit of a remote workforce is the ability to source and hire talent from areas that would normally not be an option.

The tech industry in the region experienced tremendous growth over the past decade. Willis said that even during the pandemic, may tech companies have continued to see growth. He noted that there is no reason the next decade shouldn’t be as good as the previous one. In addition to smaller start-ups, the tech industry’s success in our region over the next 10 years will also benefit greatly from big tech choosing to operate or even opening large headquarters here.

There is still room for innovation and growth in this industry and Willis says Charleston is the perfect place to do it.

Hear more of the conversation between Willis and Bryan in the full webinar:

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