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CMCC Political Action Committee

About the CMCC PAC

The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce PAC, established in September 2000 as the political arm of the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce (CMCC), is a non-partisan political action committee organized to support candidates at the local level who contribute to the region’s economic vitality and prosperity.

CMCC PAC was created to enhance the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce’s business advocacy initiatives and create an avenue for the region’s business community to enhance its voice in the halls of government.

The CMCC PAC is a candidate PAC and focuses on local elections including City and Town Council, Mayoral races, County Councils and School Boards.   Since 2000, two-thirds of CMCC PAC’s endorsed candidates have been elected.

The CMCC PAC also supports members of the tri-county legislative delegation and leadership of the General Assembly that are strong pro-business advocates.

The CMCC PAC will continue to expand our reach to elect qualified business-minded candidates who understand the future goals of the tri-county region in areas such as infrastructure, military and defense, regulatory-labor issues, workforce development, and environmental issues that directly impact the business community.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent in our community and state each day to provide services, build and maintain infrastructure and educate our future workforce. The candidates we elect to hold public office have the fiscal responsibility to oversee budgets in the hundreds of millions of dollars and to determine spending priorities that impact the ability for businesses to operate effectively each day.

There are organized efforts by other organizations, such as the Coastal Conservation League, Nix 526, and The Southern Environmental Law Center whose goal is to block development, downsize government to unreasonable levels, and to prevent critical improvements to our infrastructure. The Chamber, representing the region’s business community, needs to be actively involved in recruiting and electing candidates to office that will help advance the mission of the Chamber.


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