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People First: Future-Ready Education
LEGACY FOR 2040: Every student in Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester Counties receives a high-quality education that prepares them for success in our region's workforce.

Every student in our community deserves a high-quality education and the chance to pursue their career goals. When education intentionally integrates the needs of industry into curriculum, students graduate ready for the next step, whether that is college or career.

Our future workforce depends on our region's ability to strengthen our education system and leverage career and technical education programs.

Future economic growth and prosperity will require more high school students to progress with relevant skills ready for the workforce or continued education. The Chamber is working collaboratively to develop a blueprint for the region's education system across districts and promoting efforts to ensure schools have the proper resources (funding, teacher ratios, workforce programs, etc.).

Why It's Important:
Students build skills for life
Students graduate ready for the next step
Improved soft-skills, including critical-thinking
Long-term workforce pipeline development

Meet J.R. Wilson

JR, a determined local high school senior, possesses exceptional qualities that set him apart. With a love for soccer and basketball, he remains focused on his education and building a promising future for himself. Having received multiple college acceptances, he aspires to a rewarding career in business and marketing.

Raised by a single mother, JR deeply appreciates the sacrifices she has made to ensure he received a good education. Grateful for the unwavering support from his family, as well as numerous teachers and school administrators, he understands this is not affordable to every kid.

With an awareness beyond his years, JR recognizes the educational disparities within our community. Benefiting from additional course offerings from the advanced study programs, he supports equal access to resources and opportunities and values ​​the importance of education in fostering individual growth and community development.

Help Shape the Legacy of Our Region

A Regional Blueprint for Progress

An active working group of education partners — including participants from the private, non-profit, philanthropic and social sectors — have signed off on a regional blueprint and agree to track progress with a shared set of metrics and leading indicators.

Collaborating to Advance Education

Cross-county working groups aligning curriculum, sharing and embedding equity best practices and adopting next-generation educational technology and teaching approaches.

Clear Standards with Equity at the Center

The 10-year shared scorecard (2025-2035) shows greater equity across all districts. Regional education standards are explicit, shared across the counties and supported by superintendents and teachers.

A Plan for the Future

Significant increase across all counties in students graduating with a plan for their future.

Shaping the Legacy for 2040

The Chamber will serve as the catalytic leader to empower positive, future-focused change. People First is a collaborative, community-focused and data-led movement developed through visioning sessions with community leaders. Together, we will generate viable outcomes to ensure everyone in our region has the opportunity to thrive.

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