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People First: Attainable Housing
LEGACY FOR 2040: Lowcountry residents can afford to buy or rent a home and have money left to save, enjoy vacations and put their kids through school.

The affordable housing crisis impacts everyone in our region, leading to struggles finding safe, affordable and stable housing, It also traffic, creates workforce shortages and puts a strain on infrastructure.

To accommodate projected growth and allow communities to thrive, we need to take a multi-faceted approach to the housing crisis, raising awareness and working collaboratively across sectors to create solutions.

The region must build more diverse attainable housing units to meet the needs of people from all economic backgrounds. Through the Regional Housing Coalition, the Chamber is a lead advocate for funding and policy changes that will ignite development to meet the housing supply need. The coalition convenes community members, governments, businesses and non-profits to unify efforts to provide affordable housing for all.

Why It's Important:
Attract and maintain a talented workforce
Reduce long commute times
Enhance quality of life
Contribute to the economic vitality of businesses
Promote community stability

Meet Amanda Matsumoto

A passionate speech therapist within our public school district, Amanda is a young professional who values ​​​​the importance of living in the community where she works. Working with students, both as a speech therapist and softball coach, she seeks to build a supportive network within the community she serves.

However, the reality of affordable housing being located further away presents a significant challenge. Instead of seeking balance, many find themselves spending valuable time commuting. Amanda, like many others, encountered this obstacle, finding it frustrating that suitable housing options were scarce within her budget. Witnessing peers resorting to drastic measures like relocating or taking on a second job solely to affordable housing, Amanda recognizes the critical challenge facing our region.

Amanda remained determined and discovered a workforce housing opportunity in her desired area. Currently in the process of purchasing her first home, she realizes the importance of this opportunity plays in her ability to remain an active member of her community. Without this option, she would have been faced with the difficult decision of either leaving her job or enduring the strain of a challenging commute. Amanda's journey underscores the importance of attainable housing in enabling professionals to not only thrive in their careers but also actively contribute to their communities.

Help Shape the Legacy of Our Region



Embracing Required Change

Local governments embrace attainable housing permitting and construction goals for their respective jurisdictions across the three-county region.

Building on Progress

Various major projects across the region are permitted and under construction which provide a mix of housing types and price points that are attainable to all citizens.

Creating More Opportunity

The region’s housing affordability index substantially improves as the region celebrates the addition of thousands of new housing units, moderating the housing crisis.

A Region Known for Attainable Housing

The majority of Lowcountry residents can afford to rent or buy a home and have money left to save. Employers can attract and retain talent because of attainable housing availability. Charleston reaches the Top 10 “Best Places to Live” lists, cited for the region’s success in attainable housing.

Shaping the Legacy for 2040

The Chamber will serve as the catalytic leader to empower positive, future-focused change. People First is a collaborative, community-focused and data-led movement developed through visioning sessions with community leaders. Together, we will generate viable outcomes to ensure everyone in our region has the opportunity to thrive.

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