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People First: Multi-Faceted Regional Transit
LEGACY FOR 2040: The region has a reliable, accessible and streamlined transit system. Cars are not required for people to have active economic, social, civic and cultural lives in the region.

Each year, people in the Tri-County spend more and more time in traffic and for every 10 minutes in traffic, civic participation decreases by 10%.

The Charleston metro is at a turning point. We must plan and implement solutions now to create a variety of ways for people to efficiently move through our community.

Transit is key to Charleston's economic progress. As our region grows, the amount of time people spend in their vehicles commuting to work is increasing. Left unaddressed, most regional corridors will be over capacity, choking our productivity and dimming our quality of life. The Chamber will expand its advocacy for the 2045 Charleston Area Transportation Study (CHATS) work to drive regional advancement.

Why It's Important:
Less traffic and congestion
Reduce cost-burden of owning a car
Improves mobility within the community
A safer way to travel
Increases access to work centers

Meet Morgan Grimes

Morgan, a native of the Charleston region, is a dedicated young professional and long-time supporter of advancing transit initiatives in our community. Within her career, Morgan has had the opportunity to engage with the community around the need for accessible transit to connect our region. In a community that is heavily reliant on cars, exacerbating traffic congestion, particularly during commutes to and from work, Morgan recognizes the pressing need for viable alternatives. She understands that many do not have access to a car and depend on buses and ride share… or are unable to pursue opportunities that are not within close proximity to their home.

A reliable mass transit system, like Lowcountry Rapid Transit, will be a game changer, connecting difficult routes by dedicated bus rapid transit. Morgan eagerly anticipates being able to leisurely indulge in a book or podcast on her way to the office. She envisions hassle-free commutes to her favorite activities, like music festivals, without the burdens of parking. Mostly, though, Morgan values ​​the impact of transit accessibility – serving as a catalyst for expanding career opportunities, alleviating traffic congestion, mitigating the financial burdens of owning a car and ultimately enriching the overall quality of life in our region.

Help Shape the Legacy of Our Region

Plans on Track for Completion

I-526 is on track for completion. Lowcountry Rapid Transit (LCRT) is on track for 2029 completion and the CHATS 2045 plan on Long Range Transit has been adopted.

Expanding How We Get Around

Transportation planning includes water-based transportation (ferries and water taxis). 100% of the region’s electrical and battery charging infrastructure is in place for an entirely battery electric bus plan.

LCRT Extensions & Transit-Oriented Development

Significant transit-oriented development has occurred near each LCRT stop in North Charleston and Charleston. Extensions of the LCRT beyond the original line are actively being planned for construction.

A Better Way to Travel Our Region

Cars are not required to have an active economic, social, civic or cultural life in Greater Charleston. The region’s bus rapid transit and CARTA systems are fully integrated, connecting every community and major centers. We are on track to launch water taxi transportation.

Shaping the Legacy for 2040

The Chamber will serve as the catalytic leader to empower positive, future-focused change. People First is a collaborative, community-focused and data-led movement developed through visioning sessions with community leaders. Together, we will generate viable outcomes to ensure everyone in our region has the opportunity to thrive.

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